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Reliable Pittsburgh Products Liability Firm Supports Your Claim

Pennsylvania defective products attorneys offer experienced representation

If you have been harmed as a result of a defective product, there are many parties that could be liable for the damages. At Friday & Cox LLC in Pittsburgh, we have substantial experience representing clients throughout Western Pennsylvania with products liability claims and can seek full compensation for the harm you’ve experienced. When you are utilizing a product, you have a right to be safe from it causing harm, and if it injures you because of a design, manufacture or labeling defect, you have the right to pursue damages.

Knowledgeable advocates seek full damages in products liability cases

Product flaws leading to injury can be introduced during one of these stages:

  • Manufacturing — The product’s defect may have been introduced while it was being put together by the manufacturer.
  • Design — The actual concept of the product may have been defective in the way it functions, making its utilization dangerous for the consumer.
  • Labeling — The product may have been labeled improperly, or the label may have been missing altogether, making it likely that a user would use the product incorrectly.

Whether a product is defective in its manufacturing, design or labeling, you could be entitled to compensation if you were harmed while using it. We will help you identify the responsible party and determine a course of action to hold them liable for the injuries you’ve suffered.

Skilled counselors assist victims of defective household products

Fire alarms, appliances, cleaning products, power tools and many other household products can be dangerous if they are defective in some way. They may cause injuries such as burns and lacerations or even electrocute the user. Also, you may have a strong claim if you used a product for a long time and experienced harmful effects from it and there was no label warning that regular use would be deleterious to your health. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for products liability claims is two years from the date of the injury, so as soon as you experience harm due to a defective product, you should contact a personal injury attorney to file a claim.

Experienced attorneys provide legal advice in pharmaceutical liability cases

If you took a defective pharmaceutical drug, you may have experienced significant harm or injury. While drugs can become defective during the manufacturing process, most of these cases have to do with medical errors or negligence. Bad reactions caused by prescribed drugs taken in conjunction, addiction and dangerous side effects are all common pharmaceutical liability claims. If you were injured by a pharmaceutical drug or medical error caused by negligence, you may be entitled to damages.

Contact a Pittsburgh firm for a free consultation concerning a products liability claim

If you experienced significant harm due to a defective product, Friday & Cox LLC in Pittsburgh can help you seek full damages for your injuries. Please call 412-684-2029 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation today. We serve all of Western Pennsylvania.


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